Go Girl

I did it.  I ran for 40 minutes yesterday morning.  After feeding baby Gus I walked to the trail head near my house and began to put one foot in front of the other.  I ran and I felt good.  The pace was comfortable and easy for me.  I was not pushing myself.  The weather was nice – sun shining, skies blue, the air crisp and cool.  I was wearing my Garmin but didn’t look at it for a while (until a bit after mile 1) because my plan was to run east for 20 minutes and then turn around to head home, not worrying about my pace but instead just focusing on being positive, listening to my body, enjoying the moment and running for time not distance.  I was surprised that when all was said and done I ran a 10:18 average pace per mile.  Considering this is where I am starting on my road back to fitness after childbirth – that things are sure to get better from here – I am really pleased that that was my “easy” pace.  I am encouraged.

About halfway through my run I had to make a pit stop. So I pulled off into the woods to take care of business.  Near where I stopped along the trail there was a little gazebo with benches and as I was passing through it I noticed that carved into one of the posts was a graffiti message that said “YOU GO GIRL.”  Seriously?!  Thank you.  I needed that.  Seeing this message brought a huge smile to my face and assured me that I am going to be ok.  This message carried me through the rest of my run and reminded me that I am strong and that I am not alone.  It’s funny…I wonder if the person who did that had any intention of motivating someone like me?  I love the way the world works…

My body is different.  Things are not as they once were, it’s true.  I hurt and I feel out of whack.  This 4 mile run did a number on me.  But I will get there.  I will regain my strength and in the end it is all so worth it, there is no question.  I am the mother to three beautiful children and I would not trade a thing for that!!  In my experience the best, most wonderful things in life don’t ever seem to come without hard work.  A little (ok sometimes a lot) of pain.  Sacrifice.  So I will hold my head up high, not give up not ever and I will believe in myself.  I will trust that there is a reason for the struggle and that it will all be worth it.  I am a girl and I will GO.

** Side note: You may have noticed that I changed my blog title/address.  The gist behind this is that when I started blogging last year I came up with “One Happy Runner” having no clue about “The Happy Runner” and as soon as I discovered her blog I felt like a big dummy!  How could I not have been aware of this great running momma blog?  Ooops. I have wanted to change my blog for a while and finally came up with something that suits me and that isn’t taken by someone else in this awesome community (as far as I know!).  So that is the reason for the change! **

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