Your body hears everything your mind says.
-Naomi Judd

I am thinking about this today.  About the power of my mind to get me through physical pain.  To keep going.  On the flip side, the mind also has great power to crush us, to make us give in to the physical pain.  I think that running and giving birth have a lot of parallels when it comes to that.  We face a lot of pain when we run long distances.  Negative thoughts can creep in and ruin a run, break us down and make us feel like giving up.  I always tell myself do not voice anything negative on a run, because I may start to believe it and give up.  This works for me – my motto is only telling myself good things, believing in myself and in the strength that lies within.
I have run 6 marathons and given birth two times.  The first time I was in labor I brought to the hospital a picture of me after finishing my first marathon.  It was motivating to me.  Reminded me that I am strong and that I can overcome physical pain.
This pregnancy is coming to an end soon and I am really thinking a lot about labor and delivery…praying that my baby is healthy, safe and strong.  Reminding myself that I can do this!  I have done this before…I have overcome obstacles – physical, emotional and mental – in my life and all of these have made me a much stronger person.  In addition to all that lies within, I believe and know with all my heart that I AM NOT ALONE.  I have an amazing, supportive and loving husband by my side always.  My sister Jodi, who also happens to be my running buddy, will be there with me when I give birth just as she was when my other two children were born.  I have friends and family all over the globe who I know are sending me loving energy.  And, what all of this love comes down to as far as I am concerned, GOD is with me. Within and around everything on this beautiful earth.  I am so grateful and humbled and BLESSED.
My body will hear my mind and it will feel the love all around and inside of me this day, all days and especially on the day that my sweet baby is born.

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  1. Hi Jessica! Thanks for the sweet comment. I have never tried baking it first but might have to try that. Thank you. Oh, this is so beautiful. And you are beautiful and BIRTH is Beautiful and perhaps the most powerful experience that life can offer. I don't think there is anything like it! I can't wait to hear about it and hear your birth story if you would be willing to share…I love birth stories more than anything! I remember getting pissed when they compared my natural child birth with my marathon because I thought the birth was way harder. …ha ha. I was like “THIS is nothing like a MARATHON!” Of course I was right at transition and went from 6 to 10 cm in 20 minutes so I was kind of not in the mood for the marathon comparison at the time. ha ha. OH, I miss it!

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