getting closer….

my due date is 17 days away.  there is a lot of excitement around my house.  it is good but sometimes all that energy can be a little crazy for all of us to handle.  i am trying to be patient…i know baby will come when he or she is ready…

i’m finding myself looking for things to do to distract my mind from waiting for baby.  i am running out of ideas!  everything for baby that can be ready, is.  i baked cookies AND brownies today.  maybe not the best idea but it was easy and fun to do with my 4 year old.  tomorrow i think i will start covering my dining room chairs.  i bought the fabric and batting a while ago and it is a pretty easy project that i have been putting off.  maybe now is a good time to tackle it while i have all this energy!

of course i am also hopping on the treadmill.  it feels so good to move, even if it is slowly and not for too long.  i don’t know what i would do without that.

hopefully i will have exciting baby news to share here soon – stay tuned!!

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