finding a bright side

the other day i found out that i did not get a spot in this year’s cherry blossom ten miler.  i was sad.  like really sad…i let it get me down for a little while.  i called my sister to vent and then i decided i needed to let it go.  it was ok to let it get me down but i wasn’t going to let it KEEP me down.  so i decided i’m going to wait until feb 1st, when they start allowing for number transfers, and see if i have any luck with that.  if not, it was not meant to be and i need to trust and be ok with that.  i will find another race to train for after my baby is born.

this past weekend i was signed up for the Jingle All the Way 10K in DC.  i was planning to walk/run it with my friend and neighbor, lorrie.  the forecast was for a high of 36 degrees and 100% chance of rain though so we decided we weren’t going to do it.  that morning instead i woke up and went down to my basement and got on my treadmill.  i am so grateful to have that thing.  i did a walk/run combo for a few miles and felt good about it.

this time of year is crazy for all of us, i know.  for me, it is hard to budget my time and make exercise a priority when i’m not training for something.  it is especially hard at 33 weeks pregnant.  but i am doing it when i can, as much as i can.  i know that after the baby comes i’ll be presented with a whole slew of new challenges with time management and making “me” a priority.  i find myself imagining strategies every day but in reality i know that i will have to just roll with it when the time comes.  i know running will be a major factor for me and i have put some things in place to make it easier for me to make time for that (such as getting a treadmill).  it is going to be about being in the present moment, not dwelling on things i can’t control and being grateful for all that i have and am able to do.  i will be more than ok.  i will be so blessed.

my baby is due in 6 and a half weeks!  i am so excited.  next week my sister alissa and her family come to town for christmas.  she is due on the same day as me.  i can’t wait for us to be together.  it is so amazing that the two of us are having babies at the same time!  sharing our pregnancies has been such a blessing.  we’ve been experiencing the same kinds of feelings at the same time.  when i call her with excitement or sadness, she is there and feeling it to.  it’s wild to think that after this visit the next time we see one another we will both have little babies.  when she’s here we want to take photos together to capture this special time.  we’ll both be 35 weeks pregnant with big baby bellies!  i’ll be sure to share some of them here.

happy hump day everyone.  have a great day!

2 thoughts on “finding a bright side

  1. I'm sorry you didn't get selected. Hopefully you'll be able to get one transferred later on. I can not believe your sister is due the same day!!amazing! that's great that you have her to share this experience with.

  2. Sign up for Pike's Peak 10K 🙂 It's around the same time! It's a fast course too so it will make you feel good about yourself post-baby hehe. Annnnnd I'm sure you will be able to get one from the #transfer! People always sign up and then don't train. xoxo

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