9 weeks to go, and other stuff

A few weeks ago I started feeling “off” – a tightness in my chest, a nagging but not terrible cough, TIRED.  Then my voice went, although my throat wasn’t too sore really.  I just kept on going and figured maybe I was fighting a little something but that it wasn’t anything to really worry about.  Then it just didn’t go away and then it got worse and the next thing I knew I felt REALLY bad and so completely exhausted and realized it had been about 3 weeks since I felt “normal.”  So I went to the doctor and he told me I had a sinus infection and bronchitis and I needed to go on an antibiotic.  Oh.  There you go!  I’ve been so busy juggling the many things in my life that I was somehow not paying the best attention to ME.  During all that time my son was sick with a bad cold (which I’m sure I got from him or at the same time he got it) and asthma and an ear infection and I was so focused on his health that I didn’t really think much about my own.  Funny how we do that as moms…

Thankfully now I am feeling much better – better than I have in weeks – and am ready for the busy week that lies ahead.  My Sugar Cone business is going well and keeping me swamped and happy.  My treadmill comes tomorrow (HOOORAY!!) and I really cannot wait for it to arrive.  It was supposed to be delivered over a week ago and when they came to set it up they realized a part was missing (!!??!!) which totally freaked me out.  Thank goodness we paid to have Sears assemble it.  So now they will be delivering it tomorrow – hopefully with all parts in hand.

My baby is due in exactly 2 months from today, a little less than 9 weeks away.  With crazy December here I have a feeling that before I know it my due date will be less than a month away.  I can’t wait to meet this baby.  With each passing day I pray with all my heart that my baby is healthy and strong.  I pray that the next couple of months are simple and peaceful for me and my family and my growing baby.  I do not want to wish this time away.  I know it is so fleeting and so special.  My children are feeling the baby move, talking to it and kissing my belly.  It is a miraculous time and I feel that this Christmas season will be extra special as we all wait for our baby to arrive.  I am blessed beyond words and so very grateful.

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