Today I had my 24 week check up at the doctor.  All is looking good with the baby and with me, “text book” as he put it.  I love my doctor.  I really do.  He is really great at what he does and is kind and smart and real.  The only thing is, today he said to me “so I see you have had a good appetite” as he was reviewing my chart.  Okay, here is the thing…I don’t even know exactly how much weight I’ve gained.  I didn’t want to look at the scale in the office today.  Based on the last time I weighed myself at home, I’m pretty sure I’ve gained around 20 pounds at this point in my pregnancy.  I try not to worry too much about it… but let’s face it I am a girl and gaining weight is NO fun, no matter what the reason is.  I’m a lot less active than I’m used to being.  I am still running but a lot slower and a lot less far and less often than I used to.  I am eating, mostly healthy choices, but definitely more often than I eat when I’m not pregnant.  If I haven’t eaten in a few hours my blood sugar gets wacky and I feel nauseous.  That’s just the way it is when I’m pregnant.  This is how it went with my last two pregnancies too and with my daughter I gained 53 pounds and with my son I gained 40 pounds.  That is a 13 pound difference and I swear I did not do anything different with those two pregnancies!  So this time around I’m expecting to gain somewhere in that range and just do not want to focus on the numbers.  I told my doctor not to talk to me about the weight gain unless he is concerned.  He assured me that he is NOT AT ALL concerned one bit, that he thinks I will probably come in at about a 35 pound weight gain, maybe 40, by the time the baby is born.  So I am relieved about that but just WISH he had not remarked that he could tell I was eating well…I am sensitive!!  Anyway I just wanted to vent here, so thanks for listening.

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  1. Ugh is right! It's so hard to completely let go of the “weight gain” thing during pregnancy. I gained 46 with my first, and was 3 or 5 pounds shy of my prepregnancy weight when I got pregnant with our second. I'm a workout fanatic and I love food too. My midwife lets me report my weight back to her, which is nice. But even without the weigh-ins I know when I'm eating tons and not working out as much. I want 4 kids, but this part of baby growing is tough me for me too, and the marathon that will be the next 8 or 10 years is a little daunting.

  2. Well, personally I don't think that is a good comment to make to any pregnant woman…what was he thinking? I can totally understand why you wanted to vent. I'm impressed that you are still running and I bet you look fantastic!

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