catching up a bit

so it has been almost 2 weeks since my last post.  yikes.  life has gotten in the way, i guess!  all things mostly good – my younger sister alissa was here for 10 days with her 20 month old son, miles.  she is my soul mate and we just don’t get much time together since she lives in rochester, ny…so i relished all the time she was here and didn’t spend much time on my computer.  oh and all of us got sick while she was here, so that played a part, too!

i have been running a bit…slowly…but that’s ok by me.  i’m not really running with my usual crew anymore.  they’re all getting ready to run MCM in a few weeks and their mileage and pace are just out of my league right now.  this sunday i am going to have a new running partner – my 5 year old daughter, abby.  she started playing “blast ball” recently (a modified version of tee ball) and we bought her brand new running shoes and running shorts.  she is very proud to have clothes just like mine!  so i told her that on sunday we will go for a mommy/abby run just the two of us.  i cannot wait and neither can she!  i have tonia at racing with babes to thank for the inspiration to do this with abby.  she wrote a post the other day about running with her girls that just made me smile from the inside out and i have really been enjoying reading about her experiences running with her 5 year old.  thanks, tonia!!!!!!

tomorrow my little business sugar cone is going to have a booth at the fairfax fall festival.  i am sooo excited, and completely nervous.  my business partner and dear friend debbie and i have been devoting a lot of time and energy into this little business and tomorrow is a big day for us.  fingers crossed all goes well!

have a great weekend!!

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