there are a lot of things on my mind as my baby’s due date approaches.  it is just 4 months away and while in some ways that feels like a looooong time to wait, it also feels like it is SO soon.  especially with all the holidays approaching – halloween, my son’s 4th birthday, thanksgiving, christmas, new year’s and then ta-da BABY is here.  wow.

one thing in particular that i cannot get out of my head though is the fact that this baby will be born in january.  it will be COLD.  too cold to take a newborn outside for probably even a walk on most days.  the baby will be too little to take to the gym with me during those winter months…i can’t (and wouldn’t even if they allowed it) bring a newborn into the daycare center until it is about 3 months old.  i don’t own a treadmill or any piece of indoor exercise equipment other than yoga and pilates videos which are just not going to help me get my sweat on – and shed the extra weight – the way i know i will want to.  so the conclusion i have come to is that i NEED a treadmill.  i have wanted one for a long time but couldn’t really justify the expense since i love my gym and it is so easy for me to go there with my kids and outside my door i have amazing trails and running routes to explore and i’m not afraid to run in the cold.  but now things are changing.  now i NEED a treadmill.  so i started my research and i am a bit freaked out by the price tags.  YIKES they are expensive!!  i figure i can buy a new one in the $600 range that will work great for me – i don’t need any fancy bells or whistles.  i just want one that works well and that i can really run on.  i looked at used ones on craigslist and at the thrift store and i am just a little concerned about spending money on a used one…a couple hundred dollars is a lot to spend on something that doesn’t work well, right!?  sooo…does anyone have advice for me out there?  if you own a treadmill, do you love it?  how did you go about purchasing your ‘mill?

i am preparing for the winter and trying to think ahead now…i’m not sure if i can even afford to get one, but i want to do my due-diligence and make sure that i spend my money on something that will get me through the winter  – and years beyond.

thanks and have a happy tuesday :o)

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  1. The treadmill is my best buddy! So necessary when you have 3 kids and no time. I wouldn't buy one used personally, but do look at it as a long term investment. We got ours for 1200 (it was on sale for 50% off) and have had it for 7 years. And it is still going strong. If you can swing it, don't be afraid of putting the money into it. It will be well worth it!

  2. ooo wow! thanks guys! this is really good advice. thank you so much! i seriously cannot imagine living without one come winter but i need to find some deals. i really do not think i will buy a used one – just freaks me out too much. i hope i can get 50% off like you have found!

  3. I would check sears and Lowes. I do not normally post anything on people's blogs…but I found yours through link @ Mile posts and I found hers through my 'stalking' running blogs for pregnant runners! I am a mommy of one and preparing for baby two. first I was exhausted and stressed to boot. Just coming out of NP school and struggling…then bedrest….and I hope that through running and finding a love for it that I can run as long as possible or until my body applies the brakes for me. Dr has blessed this in the early months and promises we will continue as long as possible.

    So began my search for women who do it ….and found lots that are INSANE about it. Like over 20 weeks and still not looking pregnant or gaining any weight…pregnancy = some weight gain for healthy I am so excited to find two someones that do it and do it well! you look great and pregnant at the same time. I love that you are listening to what your body and baby tell you and enjoying the parts that you can! My running group..has had no pregnant folks but I think a few are in the works, so hopefully I will have someone to share this journey with. So for the foreseeable future…I will stalk your blog and follow in your posts….so keep them coming! Thanks for sharing your journey with a small town momma of one and hopefully TWO! Good luck.

    also FYI…I love my treadmill. I do much prefer cold weather running…but when sitters or husband fall through or aren't possible…I hit it and get the sweating done! (I am still a newer runnerwith 5K and recent addition to longer runs)

    Mine was $300 7 1/2 years ago at Lowe's when I was getting married and worked crazy hours…has worked great. I will say that I don't always trust the milage on it….but I push myself and watch my pace and time..serves this momma well!

  4. Definitely do some running on the ones at stores. We bought a Vision treadmill at Lifetime fitness in Tysons Corner when my now almost 5 year old was an infant. I've put a LOT of miles on it + my husband walks on it at least 4 days a week. Also, search for treadmill doctor on the web. They rate treadmills at each price point. At the time, ours was ranked best in the $1000 range.

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