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This morning I was planning to meet up with my running buddies at 7am for their 16 miler.  I was feeling off though because I’d been up since 3AM and my right hip flexor was bothering me as well as my right ankle.  Not sure why…maybe because I was really busy all week with running, walking and Pilates?  Maybe my stride is changing with all this extra weight I’m carrying?  I don’t know…but needless to say, I didn’t really feel much like running this morning.

So I met up with everyone in our local running club and decided that today I would see my pals off on their run and then head out with the group of walkers instead.  There were about 7 of us and the route was a pretty and somewhat hilly 6 miles.  It was delightful!  I made new friends, got my heart pumping, MOVED my body.  I also spent a while chatting with an amazing man named Joe who is really involved with the running club.  He is around 70 years old and hung up his running shoes a while back and since then has been walking instead.  A lot.  He just got back from a 10 day European walking tour.  It was a really great way to start my day and I’m so happy I did it.  I’m so glad that I didn’t just head back home after seeing the runners off…I think I need to remember that as long as I am moving and caring for myself and my baby it doesn’t matter how fast or far I am going.  Some day I may have to hang those running shoes up.  I hope it’s not until I am 100, but this experience of running while pregnant – honoring and respecting the limitations of my body for the betterment of my and my growing child’s health – is really good for me.  I’m not quite ready to put running on hold during this pregnancy, but I’m happy to know that there is a great group of people in my community to walk with and to share this journey with.

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  1. Great outlook! I always say the same thing, hopefully I won't have to hang my running shoes up until I am 90 –but you never know.

    It's fantastic that you still go to your running club and do what you can.
    This was just the post I needed to read. It was a great reminder that I need to respect my body's limitations.

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