not what it used to be, but i’ll take it

me after 6 miles, at 20 weeks

Sunday I decided I would not head out super-early and instead met my running buddies well into their run around 9:45am.  They’d already completed about 15 miles of an 18 mile run when I met up with them on the trail.  I did a walk/run combo on my own for about 3 miles until I met them for my turn-around and ran the last 3 miles with them at about a 10:30 pace.  It was great.  Aside from the pretty much constant pressure on my bladder (I swear, running this pregnant it is impossible to empty my bladder completely…it seems that no matter what I do I always have to pee!!!) it was a really pleasant run.  The skies were cloudy and a bit drizzly and it wasn’t too hot or humid.  I was just happy to be out there and grateful for the companionship of my running crew.  Only 7 weeks until MCM and I cannot wait to cheer them on!  I’m considering signing up for the 10K but haven’t decided about that just yet.  I’ve just got to take it one day at a time here!

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  1. oh my gosh- thanks for that comment! Maybe when I figure out WHAT I'm going to get inked, and where, and IF, then I will go the sharpee route to see what I think. So wise.

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