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I recently stumbled upon a blog with a very insightful post about our bodies as metaphors.  It was written by Katie at Health for the Whole Self.  I will definitely be checking back with her blog as I really like the way she writes and her whole take on health and wellness.

Anyway, this post has really had me thinking a lot about how I view my body, especially right now during my pregnancy.  One metaphor Katie talked about was the body as a machine…this is where I find myself a lot during runs and races.  I push my body, I fuel my body and I hammer at it to get it to perform the best it can.

She also talked about the body as a measuring stick.  Ok…well I have done this for most of my life without a doubt.  Using my body to compare myself to others, getting on that scale and wanting it to tell me I weigh less, using the machine body to try to lose that weight and squeeze myself into a smaller size clothing.  Holding myself to (probably unrealistic) standards that I would never even think to hold others to, especially people I love.  Ugh.  I really hate that.

Katie settled in on talking about the body as a HOME.  This felt so right to me and is truly where I am right now, at this minute, and where I hope to be for the rest of my days on this earth.  Pregnancy is so amazing…right now my “home” is nurturing and growing a baby, it needs to be healthy to care for my two little ones who are already here on this earth.  I need to keep it clean and sturdy so it feels nice on the inside and the outside.  What good is a home if you keep up appearances on the outside but let it all go on the inside?  I love this comparison.  It really makes me think about how I am treating my body and my soul and it gives me a healthy, balanced perspective.  One that I really want to hang on to,

Other than the INCREDIBLE fact that pregnancy means I am having a baby, I am not such a big fan of pregnancy.  I don’t like the physical limitations and the fact that I really feel I have no control over what is happening to my body much of the time.  I’ve already gained 15 pounds and while I know that is healthy and normal at this point in my pregnancy…ugh.  I’m trying not to be negative about this though, and the thought of my body as a home, as a place for this baby to grow and get strong enough to be ready to enter this world, really helps.

I hope you’ll read Katie’s blog and that this idea of your body as a home is as helpful to you as it is to me.

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  1. Love the blog! Thanks for sharing. I've been reading some good articles on preggo weight gain – maybe I'll do a blog posting on it 🙂 I think you look great! Oh and I've been thinking about it and I think you should find out the gender – hehehehehe. Love you!

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