weekend recap

saturday morning i went to my first prenatal yoga class at my very favorite studio, beloved yoga.  it was amazing to be in a room full of other pregnant women, all of us there to connect with ourselves and our growing babies.  the yoga itself was very gentle and relaxing and also quite challenging at times.  moving from downward dog into plank was both soothing and difficult with the extra weight i’m carrying in my tum.  the lunges were awesome and i’m still feeling them in my quads this morning.  one posture we did was called “baby dancer” which inevitably brought a smile to my face.  it was tough to do with the weight of my belly being pulled by gravity but i was amazed at how centered and peaceful i felt balancing in this position.  i am definitely heading back to this class as much as possible and highly recommend yoga to every runner, pregnant or not!

“baby dancer”
i’m not sure i looked this graceful, however!

yesterday was also a great day.  i woke up early to meet my client paul for his first 20 mile run.  this was the farthest he had ever run and i wanted to do the first and the last 5 miles with him.  we hit the trail at about 6AM when the weather was pretty much perfect.  cool and cloudy.  we ran at a steady pace for about an hour and caught up with one another along the way.  after the first 5 miles i said goodbye as he headed out for another 10 on his own.  i went home to greet my family, feed everyone breakfast, rest my legs and get some work done.  at around 9AM i went back to meet paul for his last 5 miles.  he was doing great!  at this point the sun was shining brightly and the heat and humidity had increased.  we hit the trail for our last 5 miles together.  it really was wonderful.  i’m not sure how to explain how rewarding this experience of being his coach is for me.  i am really proud of him and all that he is accomplishing and to know that i’m helping to guide him along the way is just incredible.  i loved being able to run with him for some of his run yesterday and it was neat to be there at both the start and the finish.  if i’m able to, i would love to do something like this with him on marathon day.  i’ll be over 27 weeks pregnant at that point but if i can run even a mile or two with him that will make me happy and i think be motivating to him as well.

me and Paul after our first run together (12 miles)
July 2010
today i’m taking the kids to the national zoo, so i’m not sure i can really call it a “rest” day but i am taking the day off from running!!  here’s to a good week ahead!

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