circus act

Every day it seems I am a circus act of sorts. The clown in the center ring, juggling, perhaps? Definitely.

Most days I have a lot of balls (or bowling pins, or fire sticks…) in the air at one time. At several points during an average day I actually catch myself laughing out loud at myself. It is pretty funny to step outside my brain for a few moments throughout the day and just appreciate another perspective of what my life looks like. I think actually the ability to laugh and enjoy it all is my saving grace most days.

Here are the main things I am juggling right now:
  • Being momma to my two hilarious, adorable, sweet, sometimes dramatic and crazy children ages 5 and 3 and three quarters (it would be important to him that I mention the “and three quarters” part of his age!)
  • Growing a new baby in my tum
  • Being a wife to my wonderful husband of almost 8 years!
  • Starting my own business – Sugar Cone – which I am up to my ears in right now trying to scramble lots of things together, a juggling act in itself (sooo grateful to have Debbie my amazing friend and business partner to share this with!!)
  • Interior/Exterior Chairperson on the Board of my kids’ preschool. I just started this job this summer…it is so great to be a part of this group of people who care so much about this special school (I went to the school 30 years ago and my teacher still works there!). It is a lot of work though. This week we are renovating the kitchen/art areas of the school and I am in charge of all projects related to the building and grounds…whoa. Yesterday I spent much of the day on a hunt for a handyman to help us with some urgent drywall and electrical issues that popped up.
  • Running. Not just my own, but I became a RRCA certified running coach in the spring and am working with my first client. It is wonderful. I’m helping him train for his first marathon and have been working with him for about a month. It has been an incredible experience so far and I am grateful beyond words for the opportunity to work with him!
  • Pilates. I am teaching a weekly class at my sister’s studio and plan to add another one to my schedule once school starts. I love it so much.
Not bad, right? Actually, writing it all out and breaking it down makes me feel really good, like it is not too much. These are all things that are important to me – things that I can be truly proud of and thankful for because they all feed my soul in one way or another. I also feel good because I know my children see me doing all of this and they see that I am happy. My hope is that they will learn to fill their own lives with things that are important to them and that they enjoy.

I can’t imagine my life without any of these things right now. I’m sure I would feel that something was missing.

The clown in the center ring usually has a smile on her face, right? Well, if so, then that is me.

2 thoughts on “circus act

  1. Jessica – We are so alike. I often feel the same way. So much going on but I would be lost without it. Seriously, change momma of 2 to momma of 3 and take off the one about the growing a human and I could have written that list. Even the preschool board stuff – I do that too.

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