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Abbi at Higher Miles had a fun post today – 10 random facts about herself.  I thought it would be fun to do the same kind of thing since I enjoyed reading hers so much.  Plus, I am not sure what else to write about today!

So here are my random facts, in truly random order:

1. Last summer I chopped over 12 inches off of my hair and donated it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, a program that makes wigs and donates them to women with breast cancer who cannot afford to buy wigs for themselves.  It was a deeply meaningful and spiritual experience for me.  My friend Stephanie passed away at age 35 of breast cancer in September of 2008.  She was 29 years old when she was diagnosed and I will never forget how she felt about losing her hair and having to get a wig.  It is not “just hair!”  I cannot explain how much this experience changed me and helped me become a stronger, more faithful woman.  It was HARD and I was scared and I felt so exposed when all my hair was gone.  But I also felt a happiness and peace inside that I had never known…strength and beauty come from within.  I think every woman should do this at some point in their lives, if they are able to.

2. I have a serious need for a creative outlet in my life.  I am always doing things with my hands…drawing, painting, taking pictures, needlepointing…I would go crazy if I did not have a way to channel my creative energies.

3. Since I was a kid I wanted to make a height chart that was a giant ice cream cone.  I got the idea from spending my summers in Bethany Beach, Delaware and going to the old Bethany Beach Ice Cream Parlor (which was torn down years ago).  They had a chart of all their flavors that was a giant ice cream cone and every summer growing up I could not wait to measure myself and see what flavor I was.  Finally last year I painted and embellished an ice cream cone height chart for my family.  It is whimsical and fun and my kids love it.  It hangs in our play room and every member of my family is measured (even my husband and I, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents).  After I hung it up friends and family raved about it and suggested I make more and sell them.  Well…a dream has been born out of it and I have started my own business called “Sugar Cone.”  I asked my close friend Debbie to be my business partner and we are now “official!”  The charts have been selling at a shop in Charlotte, NC and we are about to have them in two stores right here in DC.  We’re also working on our first catalog, a Face Book page and a web site so you will be hearing more about this soon!  I cannot believe it is happening and I am so grateful and excited.

4.  I have been eating a mostly vegan diet since October of 2008.  Meat pretty much grosses me out and tears up my stomach.  Dairy is mean to me, sometimes vicious.  I do love the way it tastes though so occasionally I eat it anyway.  I always regret it.  Broccoli might be my favorite food and I know that is weird, but it’s true.

5. I love nature and doing outdoor things like hiking and camping, but I am a serious WIMP when it comes to bugs, snakes and spiders and I am always looking out for them when I do said activities.  I live in the woods – my backyard is practically a forest – and I love it sooo much but am also freaked out by it a bit.

6. When I was in 4th grade my class went on a camping trip and we went fishing.  A girl in my class named Astrid hooked ME – in the NOSE – when she cast her line.  It was mortifying and it hurt.

7. I believe things always happen for a reason and when they are meant to.

8. My sister Alissa and I are less than a year apart and she is my best friend.  She is pregnant right now too and we are both due on the same day!!!!!  When she was pregnant with her now 18 month old son, I was pregnant too and due a few weeks after her but I had a miscarriage and then my husband and I eventually decided we were done having kids.  The fact that we are both pregnant at the same time again is amazing, a miracle really.  It is so fun to be experiencing this together and to know that our children will grow up together.  We believe this is completely in God’s hands.

9. To say I love the beach is an understatement.  One day I will live on the ocean.  I hope sooner rather than later, but I know I will get there when the time is right.

10. I believe that pain makes us stronger and better people, more real and more connected to what truly matters.  Nothing in life worth living for ever really comes all that easily in my book, or if it does it is a lot of work to keep it there.

Well, that’s it!  I would love to read your random facts, too!

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  1. #6 made me cringe when I read it! I definitely agree with #10. I looked at your Sugar Cone website the other day and thought they were fantastic! what a great idea! Right now, we just make marks on the kitchen wall showing how tall everyone is in our family!

  2. Hi again Jessica, I'm in Ashburn-not too far from you! we should definitely get together sometime. don't worry about your delivery…I'm sure it will go smoothly, mine was just a crazy one that rarely happens…even the doctors said they had only known one other person that it's happened to.

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