Today I am in a fog.  A headache hangover.  Yesterday was the pits and today I am trying to feel normal again but…I just don’t.

Yesterday morning I woke up with a pain over my left eye and I felt sick to my stomach.  I somehow managed to get the wee ones off to camp in the morning and came home and climbed right back into bed.  I tried to rest, but couldn’t.  I took some Tylenol (the only OTC pain medication that is safe during this stage of my pregnancy), but it just would not stay in my stomach.  I went to pick the kids up from camp around lunch time and had to pull over on the side of the road to throw up.  It was pathetic.

When we got home I seriously could hardly stand up, the pain was so bad.  I could not keep a thing in my stomach, not even ginger ale or any fluids at all.  This went on for hours.  I took hot showers, put ice packs and heat packs on my head and curled up in bed with my kids.  They had pop corn for lunch – in my bed.  They watched 2 movies and countless t.v. shows, and listened to me get sick to my stomach pretty much every hour of the day.  My mom came over around 5pm to help with the kids and my husband came home early from work.  We called my doctor and he prescribed Zofran, and anti-nausea medicine that I can just put on my tongue (rather than having to swallow a pill since I could not keep anything down).  Once that took effect he had me take Vicodin, which is a narcotic medication for pain. This totally freaked me out…but he assured me it is safe for the baby.  One thing about me is that I HATE to take medicine (pregnant or not) and I only take it when absolutely necessary.  Well, yesterday it was just absolutely necessary.  My doctor said that if I woke this morning with a headache he will have me see a neurologist.  I am just getting these headaches so frequently and while it is common for pregnant women to suffer from migraines, this is a bit extreme apparently.

So, this morning when I woke up I still had a headache.  Nothing like yesterday, but it was still there.  I took two Tylenol right away since I wasn’t feeling nauseous yet and hoped they would stay down long enough to do something for me.  Hooray – they did.  That was 2 hours ago and I am headache free now, but have a foggy brain.  The kids are at camp so the house is quiet.  I will call my doc soon to talk with him about it.  I really don’t want to go to the neurologist…I just want these headaches to go away!

So one thing that is on my mind is this…could running long have anything to do with it?  I ran 12.5 miles on Sunday.  During the run I felt great and strong and hydrated, but I woke the next day with a headache.  The same thing happened last Monday after my Sunday long run.  I don’t know what the connection could be, but I can’t help but wonder if there is one…

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  1. I'm so sorry that you were that sick. Glad to hear that you're feeling better today. I had headaches a lot when I was pregnant, no big migranes though. Hopefully your doc will be able to help. Hang in there.

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