the real prize

So last week I saw that the amazing ladies from Run Like a Mother were running a little contest on Facebook.  I don’t usually enter these things but this one sparked my interest because 1) the prize was fun – a tee and card set from Remanents, 2) Kara Goucher was involved and I LOVE HER and 3) they were looking for fun/inspiring running slogans/mantras that would be fun for a tee.  The company recently worked with Kara Goucher to create a running tee that says “Run with a heart of bold.” I love that.  So, just for kicks I submitted a few of my mantras, one of which is “Just Breathe. Just Believe.”  I found out yesterday that I was one of two winners!!  I am so excited to pick out my tee shirt and my card set.  I love stationary like crazy.  The news yesterday made my day – it is fun to win stuff!

Even better is that this mantra means a lot to me…when I ran MCM this past fall my sister Jodi had me write “Just Breathe” on the back of one of her legs and “Just Believe” on the back of her other leg.  She was a few steps ahead of me most of the way and these words became forever engrained in my head with each step.  My sister is an incredible woman…strong, beautiful and inspiring and always bringing me back to the simple things that matter most.  She is my soul sister and my “sole” sister…I love her more than words can possibly describe.  At times when I run and race without her these words are running through my head and I am with her in spirit…she is carrying me through every step of the way and always making me stronger.  The more I think about winning this contest, I am realizing I will be making my prize choices with her in mind rather than myself…a small way of saying “thank you” for all that she does for me and how much she means to me.  Showing her gratitude gives me an even better feeling than winning the contest in the first place!!

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