5 and loving it

My baby girl turned 5 on Monday!  I can’t believe it.  The past week has been a whirlwind of celebration in our house.  Last Saturday the festivities began when my mom drove me and Abby to New York City for the day.  The drive was easy and quick and it was a beautiful day.  Once we were in the city we headed straight for the American Girl store, which was truly the purpose of our visit.  My mom wanted to get Abby her first American Girl doll.  Abby could not believe her eyes!  It was incredible to see the look in my little girl’s eyes.  She was astonished (her word!) and could not believe how big and beautiful the store (and everything in it) was.  To be honest, I couldn’t either!  It was amazing.  Abby chose the perfect doll, although I don’t know how she could go wrong with any of the choices.  Her very favorite was “Felicity” who is from pre-colonial Williamsburg in 1774.  Felicity is an adventurous and independent girl, just like Abby.  The doll came with a very pretty outfit, a great book and some lovely accessories and my mom also got Abby a movie about Felicity (which I think we have watched 1-2 times a day in the last week).  After the AG store we walked around Rockefeller center a bit so Abby could see a little of NYC before we hit the road to head home.  Abby carried Felicity on her shoulders and was simply astounded at the sights of the city.  I will cherish the memories of that day for all of my life and I’m so very thankful to my mother for such a wonderful gift.  The doll is special, but the memories of that day are priceless.

Monday, June 7th, was her actual birthday.  If you know me you know that I LOVE birthdays, especially my children’s birthdays, and I get very excited about celebrating them.  One of the traditions we started for our kids’ birthdays is the night before their b’day when they are sleeping we sneak into their rooms and fill them with about 20 huge helium-filled balloons in every color of the rainbow.  When they wake in the morning to find balloons filling their room, they are SO EXCITED.  We also hang streamers from their door in their favorite colors (Abby of course gets pink and purple) which they think is hilarious.  So Abby started her morning with TONS of excitement!  Then we headed downstairs for breakfast which was her favorite – banana chocolate chip muffins made by me – with of course a candle in her muffin!  She got the traditional bright red “You Are Special Today” plate (which my mom used in our house when we were growing up – for birthdays, graduations, etc).  Birthday banners, streamers, flower leis, party hats and a giant red glittery “5” (which I made out of cardboard) hanging above her seat all made the morning really fun.  Also, since Abby’s favorite flowers are red roses, we decorated the table with a vase filled with them for her.  As we sat down to have breakfast, before a single present was spied, she cupped her little hands around her mouth and turned to me and whispered “Mama, this is the best birthday ever!”  With that my heart melted and I felt so happy…for me there is really nothing better than knowing your child’s heart is full and she is so happy.  I am so thankful!

The rest of the day was joyous and fun (including a very special visit from Robert’s mom – who drove up from VA Beach to spend a few hours with the birthday girl!) and we topped it off with a wonderfully PINK strawberry birthday cake shared with our amazing family members outside on our deck.  It was awesome!!

So now it is Friday and we have a birthday party planned for Sunday afternoon with all of Abby’s school friends.  I have to say as wonderful as the week has been…I am wiped out and just can’t wait for the party to be over with!  I’m sure it will be fun – we are planning a “gardening party” complete with actual gardening (Robert made a new bed for the kids to plant in!), decorating pots and even cupcakes that look like dirt (with crushed Oreos with chocolate icing and gummy worms on top).  Abby cannot wait and her brother is pretty excited too!  I’m so glad that my kids’ birthdays are several months apart (Will turns 4 on October 27) because I will need to recharge my batteries before getting ready for another celebration!!

Here’s to a happy (and sunny!) weekend ahead.  Goodness knows I will need my long run on Sunday morning to get ready for the party that afternoon!!!

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