why i read the blogs i read

I don’t really read very many blogs but I am fiercely dedicated to the three that I do read and I thought it would be fun to share them here and explain what I love about them.  Hopefully you will check them out too and will get something out of them the way I do.

  • Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal: Dorothy is an amazing person in every way AND she is an incredible runner.  She writes about life and running and everything in between with great thought, care and eloquence.  Her running journey is so inspiring.  I had the great gift of meeting Dorothy one day in Reston right after I moved here.  I was going through a really tough time at the time.  I took the kids down to feed the ducks at South Lakes (in my double BOB) and Dorothy was down there with her two kids and the same running stroller.  We started talking and she was so enthusiastic and open with me…by the time I got home that afternoon she had already emailed me and found me on Facebook.  We were instant friends and the first thing that we held in common besides motherhood was our passion for running.  That was almost two years ago.  I credit Dorothy (and her blog) with reigniting my “running fire.”  She showed me that I could be a runner again!  That motherhood would actually make me a stronger runner, not hold me back.  In the two years since I met Dorothy I have trained for and run 2 marathons and PR’d in that and every other distance.  Dorothy and her blog are filled with passion, information and inspiration that fuel my spirit and my belief in myself as a person and as a runner.  SO needless to say I read her blog every day!
  • Coffee and Wine Please by Claire Wood:  I’ll start by saying I have never met Claire, but I hope to have the chance to one day.  She is best buddies with Dorothy.  Dorothy had a couple links to Claire’s blog in her writings and through those I clicked over and read a bit.  I found myself checking back a lot and basically “stalking” Claire’s blog for a while until FINALLY I came out of my hiding and became a dedicated follower.  The reasons are many.  First, this girl can write!  She is good.  Second, she is hilarious.  There have been several times when I crack up out loud while reading.  Third, while she can be so incredibly funny, she is equally insightful and raw at times and her words have touched me very deeply.  The blog is about everything and about nothing and I love it.  My only issue is that I wish she would write more.  I would seriously read this girl’s book if she would write one (hint, hint).  
  • Racing with Babes by Tonia Blanchet: This running momma of three is plain awesome.  She is on a mission to show everyone IT CAN BE DONE and I love that about her.  I met Tonia in my RRCA running coach class.  We didn’t get to talk much at all during the weekend but when I got home I checked out her blog and was so excited when I found it.  She inspires so many women in her community as well as through the online running blog world.  Tonia is serious about her training and becoming a stronger, faster runner but she really believes hard work should be accompanied by lots of fun, friendship, love and laughter (oh and fashion – she is always running in colorful skirts and funky socks)!  I love that about her.  This chick has three kids under the age of 5 and she fits it all in.  She rocks.
So that is my little summary of the blogs I read and why I read them.  I am truly grateful to each of these women for their words, information and stories.  They inspire me and I hope you will find inspiration from them also!!

2 thoughts on “why i read the blogs i read

  1. Jessica! That was such a nice post! Thank you! I love Dorothy's blog too. It was one of the first I read when I entered the bloggy world. Her progression as a runner has totally motivated me. Isn't it crazy how that works?

  2. Awwww – you both are so sweet. It means the world to me that anyone reads my blog – everytime I have a new follower I smile!!

    Jess – life always happens the way its supposed to – I'm so happy that random day I decided it was a good idea to go feed the ducks. Who knew such a beautiful friendship would blossom all because of a chance meeting!

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