silent morning

Sometimes, silence truly is golden.  I do love the chaos and sounds that fill my house when everyone is awake and busy, but on the rare (and I mean RARE) occasions when I am up early for my morning run and the rest of my family is still slumbering it is just so very peaceful.

Like right now.  I woke early this morning and left Abby in my bed with Robert (she woke around 2AM and climbed in with us) and Will cuddled in his own bed.  Even the dog is still sacked out in her bed.  After washing my face, brushing my teeth and changing into my running clothes I came down stairs and have spent the last half hour reading and drinking a nice warm cup of joe (which I MUST have before my morning runs, an absolute necessity).

I hope it will last so I don’t have to put my family through the difficult process of saying goodbye when I leave for my run.  In particular, my three year old little boy just has the hardest time letting me go for my runs.  He always wants to know if it will be a long run or a short run (it is never short enough for him).  He wants to come with me.  He needs to have hugs and tell me how much he is going to miss me and says goodbye over and over again until I just GO (after assuring him not to worry – Mommy always comes back!), leaving him crying, frustrated and sad with my poor husband holding him, making suggestion after suggestion of cool fun things they will do together while I’m gone (none of which Will is interested in).  At that moment I’m not sure who I feel worse for, Will or Robert.  Of course though within minutes after I leave, Will has moved on and is fine and they are all having a great time making chocolate chip pancakes and smoothies and doing all sorts of fun stuff because their dad is the best.  It used to be really hard for me to leave, even to go do something for myself like a run or a yoga class or time with friends.  Now though I think we are all much better at it, even Mr. Will.  I’m so grateful to Robert for holding down the fort and putting up with the kids complaining that they want Mommy, so that I can do something for myself.

Yesterday I went out for a 6 mile run with my sisters and the house was complete CHAOS, noise everywhere.  When I came home everyone was doing great – happy and playing peacefully.  Today Jodi and I plan to go out for a 10 miler on the W&OD trail.  I’m thankful for my peaceful quiet morning, but will look forward to returning from my run to a house full of laughter, play and general family busy-ness.  I’m sure I would not appreciate the silence so much if it wasn’t countered by the chaos, or the chaos so much if I didn’t have moments of silence.

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