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Ta da!  Well, here I am posting my first ever blog post.  This is honestly something I never pegged myself as doing, but that seems to be happening to me a lot these days.  Finding myself doing things that a year or two ago if you told me I would be doing them I would have said no way…but wow, how cool!  I am enjoying putting myself out there on so many levels these days and this is just one of many examples of that happening with me lately. And the reasons are a-plenty but most boil down to the fact that I am so completely INSPIRED by so many amazing people in my life and they are all just helping me crawl out of my shell and live life a little more fully and deeply to see what I am made of.  For that I am so thankful.

It’s been on my mind for a while to start a blog and I got so hung up on what to call it for, like, ever.  I thought how am I going to write a blog when I can’t even think of a title that is not already taken?!  Lordy, lordy. Well goodness gracious something simple came to me today on my run and it actually wasn’t taken by anyone else out there already!  Yay!  Let me say first that I think of this blog as a place for me to spill and my hope is that my spilling will help me make sense of things on my mind and in my heart as I walk (and run!) through life.  I guess though that I would not be putting it out there quite so much (I could just keep a journal privately, as I have done fairly regularly since the 8th grade) if I was not also hoping that my words, perspectives and experiences will inspire anyone who wants to read it.  So that is out there too.

Today I had a moment and I went with it.  I’m excited.  And scared.  This past weekend I spent 16 hours in a Power Pilates Beginner Mat Certification class.  It was intense for me.  And amazing.  I want to write in more detail about it later (my next post, perhaps!), but for now let’s just say I grew a lot in those three days and I learned a great deal about myself and about my belief in myself.  I still do not know if I am officially certified yet because my teacher has to send my written and practical exam results up to the company HQ and then they will send me a letter and certificate so it will take a week or two.  However, what I realized today in my “moment” is that I AM READY TO TEACH.  I can’t wait, actually.  I am ready to put myself out there and give this thing a go.  I did a 5 mile run today and while I was sweating it out I was imagining what it would feel like to inspire other women to care for and strengthen their bodies from the inside out, especially women who are mothers.  Our bodies are amazing.  Even (and maybe especially) the parts that we criticize in our internal dialogues so frequently.  How amazing is it that these bodies of ours nourished and sheltered our babies for 9 (ok, we all know really it’s 10) long months!?  And then with all our strength and love we brought them into this world, putting aside our fears of what labor and delivery would be like…and ever since then day after day with unquestionable devotion and love we have cared for our children while sacrificing our own bodies and oftentimes our peace of mind.  When I think of my body and all I do with it to care for my children I am so amazed and grateful…and I am inspired to take good care of myself, inside and out.  So I am starting to teach a Beginner Mat Pilates class next week and my purpose will be to inspire anyone who walks in that door to move and care for their bodies and to connect with that strength that is within.

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